About us

The producer of Istriana products is Agency for the Rural Development of Istria (AZRRI) with its headquarters in Pazin.

AZRRI was founded 2003 and is owned by the County of Istria. AZRRI’s mission is the economic development of Istria’s rural areas by actively supporting the local population in its agro-processing and agro tourism activities through education and the promotion of entrepreneurship. The revitalization of autochthonous Istrian breeds and the combining of traditional flavours and spices with contemporary ones has led to the creation of Istriana - a brand that combines traditional and modern values.


Our mission is to position the Istriana brand as a leader of elite autochthonous products from rural Istria to a regional level, a national level and even wider.


The Istriana brand promotes simplicity and variety of the Istrian cultural heritage through outstanding autochthonous products and aims to develop Istria economically while preserving the Istrian tradition.

Our products

All products of the Istriana brand possess the following common characteristics: Natural – Regional – Reliable - Hand-made produce

  • Salami & sausages

  • Dried Meat Products

  • Fresh meat

  • The characteristics of Istriana

Business cooperation

  • Hospitality businesses

  • Retailers

  • Producers



Here you can find shops that sell Istriana products. (LOCATION MAP)

Hospitality businesses

Here you can find restaurants that offer Istriana meats that have been awarded the exclusive-producer certificate. (LOCATION MAP)

Contact / ordering info

Contact with you is very important to us, so if you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us!

AZRRI d.o.o. Pazin
Ulica prof. Tugomila Ujčića 1
HR-52000 Pazin

Phone: ++385 52 619 610
Fax: ++385 52 616 610
E-mail: istrijana@istrijana.hr